Jeera Lassi recipe

Life-style Desk: Jeera Lassi is one of the most famous North Indian drink, made with curd, cream and cumin seeds. Roasted cumin powder gives a unique taste and flavor to the simple lassi and mostly served with delicious paratha’s. Here is the making process:


1 cup of cold water (you can use ice-water)

3-4 cups of plain yoghurt

4-5 ice-cubes

1 tblsp of roasted cumin seed powder

Salt to taste


Mix the plain yoghurt, ice water and salt together in a blender. Blend it until it turns thick.

Put ice cubes in the blender and again blend it for a minute.

Now, sprinkle the cumin seed powder over the mixture and mix it well.

You can even give it a final blend for a few seconds before pouring it in a lassi glass.

Add a little more ice cubes, if it's the season of scorching summers.

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