85% BD migrants had no pre departure health orientation: IOM

About 85 per cent of Bangladeshi migrant workers who had gone to work in different countries did not het pre departure health orientation, training or counseling, according to a study report.

The study report on Health Vulnerabilities of Migrants from Bangladesh:  Baseline Assessment’ was revealed by International Organization for Migration in August 2015.

Although pre departure orientation is mandatory for labour migrants, according to the study findings, only 15 per cent of migrants had received a health orientation, training prior to their departure from Bangladesh for destination countries for work, as observed by 23 per cent of returnee and 7 per cent of departing migrants.

Orientation most frequently covered general health and were mentioned by 76 per cent of migrants who attended an orientation, followed by mental health of 51 per cent, sexual harassment of 37 per cent and HIV/AIDS of 27 per cent.

Occupation health hazards were only mentioned by 13 per cent of migrants who had had a health orientation.

Employers or agencies were the primary providers of health orientation of 52 per cent although the government and NGOs were also mentioned.

The IOM study interviewed 424 respondents for qualitative survey, consisting of 206 departing and 218 returnee migrants. Of them, 357 were male while 67 female respondents.

According to Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training, over 92 lakhs of workers have gone overseas since 1976 with annual migration of five lakhs.


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