Indian mission interviews employers before okaying visas in KSA

To curb the exploitation of workers, the Indian mission here has taken the initiative of interviewing prospective employers and reviewing the status of their companies before attesting visas.

In this connection a six-member delegation from Riyadh led by Indian Embassy First Secretary Anil Nautiyal visited Dammam on Jan. 16 and invited over 125 local companies for a discussion.

The response was extremely positive. Representatives from 75 companies met the delegation and presented profiles of their companies.

The delegation members also randomly called Indian workers and inquired about their salaries, benefits, working conditions, accommodation and annual vacation status.

The information collected from the workers will form the basis for giving clearance to local companies for hiring workers from India, said a member of the delegation.

Nautiyal said that the interview of companies as part of the e-migrate system was a great success.

Another concrete achievement of the delegation was to arrange the exit of 48 Indian workers who had been languishing in Dammam Tarheel (Deportation Center) for quite sometime.

Another 84 workers are still lodged there. Embassy officials assured them that they too will go home soon.

The delegation also visited women deportation center and met eight Indian housemaids sheltered there.

The embassy admits that the root cause of the problems faced by workers here is the recruiting agencies back home.

Embassy volunteers Mirza Zaheer Baig, Shamsudheen Chettippadi, Mohammed Abdul Wahid, Mahipal Singh Choudhuri and  Suresh Bharati assisted the Embassy team.

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