Country receives $876.06m as remittance in 22 days

The country has received $876.06 millions as remittance from January 1 to 22 in 2016, according to the statistics of Bangladesh Bank.

Four state-owned banks, Agrani, Janata, Rupali and Sonali brought $267.66 millions.

Out of four state-owned banks, Agrani bank brougt the highest amount of remittance. It is $101.91millions.

Four specialised banks, Bangladesh Krishi Bank, Basic Bank, BDBL and RAKUB brought only $9.43 millions.

39 private commercial banks brought $589.49 millions as remittance.

Of them, Islami Bank alone brought $208.46 million as remittance during the period.

Nine foreign commercial banks brought only $9.48 millions as remittance.


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