Qatar for international cooperation to curb illegal immigration

Qatar has stressed strengthening international cooperation to curb illegal immigration, fight against human trafficking and provision of technical assistance to enable the affected countries to take measures to respect basic human rights of asylum seekers, especially vulnerable groups.

The gulf state called for preventing racism and xenophobia refugees phenomena, as well as need to address the roots of the crisis at the national level, which is the main motive for the flows of refugees and migrants, and to find permanent solutions.

 It also emphasized the need to address the challenges linked to migration and asylum, which has become a major concern for a large number of countries nowadays, which requires action at international and national levels.

 The Qatari statement came at the 31st session of the Human Rights Council during the annual "thematic discussion session on technical cooperation and capacity building", held from February 29 to March 24, delivered by Noor Al Sada, Second Secretary of the Permanent Mission of the State of Qatar in Geneva, according to report of Qatar News Agency.

Al Sada noted that the report prepared for the purpose of this discussion pointed out that children, whether they are alone or with their families , are most affected from immigration and asylum seeking , where access to basic services were in their weakest situation , as well as the case for women, the elderly and people with disabilities, where these people are exposed to great risk of not enjoying protection, and lack of access to aid that suit their specific needs conditions, leaving them vulnerable to various kinds of abuse and grave violations.

Qatar within the framework of its policy in the area of international cooperation, attaches special attention to the negative effects of asylum and migration to vulnerable groups in society, she added.

 She said Qatar, through its formal and informal institutions has been providing remarkable support for international organizations working in this field, and that the State in this regard has launched a number of initiatives that address key priorities of refugees and displaced persons such as education, where recently it established a fund to provide education and training opportunities for Syrian refugees based on dual education system, combining education in schools and training institutions, by building schools in refugee camps in coordination with host countries for refugees.

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