Skilled labour migration must to increase remittance

According to Bangladesh Bureau of Statistic, nearly two million people enter into labour force every year. The Bangladesh government is unable to manage job for all. This is really a limitation for the state.  Only 2 to 3 lac can get decent job within the country. A majority can engage in RMG sector but here working condition is yet to become standard and labor friendly.  But a large number of workers are getting opportunity of work abroad, which is a good news.  According to Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET), which regulates the overseas employment, each year nearly 5 lac people migrate to various countries for overseas jobs. Like male, females are also interested for overseas job.

Although huge numbers of migrants are going aboard, and employed there but a question is- can we supply skilled and trained manpower?  According to the government data, from 1976 to 2015, those who migrate- almost 50% of them are unskilled.  It may be mentioned that though a large number of people are getting job in abroad but most of them are less qualified. If we can train them as skilled labour, then our foreign remittance would increase.

In 2011, the Bangladesh government has approved the `National Sill Development Policy-2011’.  The National Sill Development Council (NSDC) has been formed on September, 2011 and our honourable prime minister is chair of the council. It is treated the highest skill development council of the country which will examine and supervise the activities of the public and private trainers about technical education and skill training.

 Under BMET, the government has established 51 Technical Training Centers (TTC). But these TTCs cannot fulfill demand of migrants.  Besides, few private and public training centres have also been established.  These government and private training centres has been providing trade specific training including language and  life skill training too.  Although the private training center is expensive, participants get facilities of easy access for job linkage through the authority.

A huge number of migrants are migrating from Bangladesh, and regularlyare sending a huge amount of remittance. In 2015, the overseas migrant workers have sent $15.30 billion dollars as remittance and send remittance contributing to 12% of our GDP. If we can send all with trained migrants, then the amount of remittance would be increase rapidly.

 Therefore we should keep concentration in this sector for the better interest of the country's economy. The government should increase budgetary  allocation and the non-government  organisations should be patronized. The initiative under the Public Private Partnership will yield good result. Bangladesh dreams to reach in a middle income country by 2021. We believe that, the skilled labor migration can play a vital role. Beside overseas employment, skilled person can also become self-employed within country.

The writer is a development worker



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