Over 1,24,000 jobs available in Mideast on Bayt.com

The leading job site in the Middle East, Bayt.com, had more than 124,000 jobs available in 2016. Job seekers in the region directly applied for these vacancies. This number does not include the thousands of additional jobs that employers filled by searching for CVs on Bayt.com, instead of posting their vacancies online.

These job vacancies spanned all industries, sectors, career levels and locations in the Middle East and North Africa. The industries that had the highest number of job openings in 2016 included the Engineering and Construction industry as well as the information and Communication Technology industry.

Given the large number of jobs available on Bayt.com in 2016, the job site also witnessed a tremendous growth in online job seeker registrations. Today, there are nearly 27 million registered professionals on Bayt.com who are able to access and apply for over 10,000 jobs on any given day.

“Looking at the number of jobs announced on Bayt.com as well as the number of job seekers and employers who have benefited from our tools in 2016 points to the effectiveness of Bayt.com, as the region’s leading online job site,” said Suhail Masri, Vice President of Employer Solutions, Bayt.com. “We never stop working towards empowering people to lead better careers and lifestyles. We aim to create more connections between employers and job seekers by offering them the most innovative tools and the latest research about the job market. We successfully posted more than 124,000 jobs in 2016 for people across the Middle East and we will continue to grow our efforts to support and empower more and more professionals in the years ahead. This year, we are excited to offer free job postings for first-time clients on Bayt.com, in line with our mission to empower people in the Middle East and to help boost job creation.”


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