Two Bangladeshis shot dead in KSA


Two Bangladeshis were shot to death and one injured by police in Al-Qatif of Saudi Arabia.  The deceased were identified as Shamim (40) and Shah Paran (27) hailing from Bhairab of Kishoreganj district.

Father of three daughters, Shamim was the son of Late Suruj Mia of Chandiber village of Bhairab town. Shah Paran was the same area who has six brothers and four daughters. The injured Mahbub hails from Chhanchhara village under Shibpur union of Bhairab.

The relatives of the deceased said Shamim went to Saudi Arabia and Shah Paran had been living there for over twelve years. On the day of occurrence, Shamim and Shah Paran went missing on June 6 from Dammam city  of Saudi Arabai while they were going to Al-Qatif by private car. 

A man from Katiadi area of Kishoreganj informed them on Saturday night over mobile phone about the death of Shamim and Shah Paran. They call upon the government so that necessary arrangements are made to bring the bodies of the deceased to home.

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