Increase of B’deshis’ migration to Sudan raises concerns

The migration of Bangladeshi workers to the African country of Sudan on job visas has sharply increased during the current year, according to the Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training.

The Sharp increase of Bangladeshis’ migration to the Sudan has raised concerns among the people as many of them would not get jobs there and also fall victims of trafficking.

Officials and migrant rights campaigners said that the government should stop sending Bangladeshi workers to the Sudan, itself facing extreme unemployment crisis.

They also said that workers from Bangladesh on reaching the Sudan on job visas often get trafficked to Libya as well as European countries.

 From January to July this year 1,278 Bangladeshi workers went to the Sudan on job visas with clearance from BMET. In 2016, some 739 workers went to the Sudan on job visas cleared by the BMET. Official data show that 350 Bangladeshi workers went to the Sudan on job visas in 2015, up from 86 in 2014.

Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment ministry’s additional secretary Jabed Ahmed said that they would review the worker recruitments by the Sudan.

 He, however, said that the BMET cleared not many Sudanese job visas.

National programme coordinator of Bhalobashi Bangladesh Al Amin Noyon said Bangladeshi workers began to leave for the Sudan after the closure of the Libyan labour market.

He said that the Bangladesh government should crosscheck how many of those who took jobs in the Sudan were still there.

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