Govt starts registering Bangladeshi Diaspora in Australia, NZ, Fiji

Bangladeshi expatriates who are staying in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji can now get them registered with Wage Earners Welfare Board, according to Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra.

Bangladesh High Commission in emergency notice has urged the Bangladeshis living in those countries to get membership of the wage earners welfare board by filling up online registration forms.

On August 1, Bangladesh mission’s first secretary (Labour) Nahid Afroz has requested the Bangladeshis to contact with her for online registration after paying AUS $ 60 as membership fee.

Meanwhile, expatriates welfare and overseas employment ministry was looking forward  to boost the  fund of the Wage Earners Welfare Board  by  enlisting Bangladeshi diaspora across the world.

Registration of Bangladeshi diaspora in Greece and Italy began in June.

The registration of Bangladeshi diaspora in Australia was scheduled to be inaugurated by EWOE Minister Nurul Islam in Canberra later this month.

EWOE ministry’s additional secretary Jabed Ahmed said that Bangladeshis  working in Australia would be invited to get the membership of the Wage Earners Welfare Board.

They have to pay Tk 3,500, in foreign currency as registration fee,’ said officials.

 Officials said that the minister  would hold meetings with Australian technical education authorities, in short TEFE Australia,  to get accreditation for Bangladesh technical education certificates.

Around 20,000 Bangladeshis living in Australia, make up one of smallest immigrant community from Bangladesh, according to the Wikipedia.

The largest Bangladeshi communities are mainly present in the states of New South Wales and Victoria, with large concentrations in the cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

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