7.35 lakh workers get jobs abroad in nine months

Over 7.35 lakh migrant workers from Bangladesh have gone abroad with jobs from January to September during the current year, according to record of the Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training.

Overall trend of overseas employment marked to be higher migration than the previous years, BMET data show.

Over 7.50 lakh workers went to work abroad in 2016 while over 5.50 lakh workers got overseas jobs in 2015, the official data show.

However, month wise recruitment of workers showed that overseas employment in September of the current year turned the lowest among nine months.

When asked, migration expert Pervez Siddiqui said that there were no credits of the government and the recruiting agencies for increasing overseas migration from Bangladesh as the migrants themselves with help of their relatives have migrated to different countries to earn money.

Pervez Siddiqui also chairman of the Films4Peace Foundation, a non-profit organization, observed that global economic recession especially in the Middle East nations, might start affecting recruitment of workers from Bangladesh.

‘The government efforts should be taken without delay to send trained chefs to work in the many restaurants, which were owned by Bangladeshis in the United Kingdom and other European countries,’ he said,

There are about 1000 to 1500 restaurants owned by Bangladeshis in the UK alone, said Pervez, who had studied in the universities of UK and Norway.

Pervez Siddiqui who has previously worked in managing migration issues in BRAC and RMMRU (Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit) said that Bangladeshi workers could be sent East European, East and Far Asian countries by providing them quality trade skills.


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