Groom skilled workforce for economic development

Speakers at a seminar on Saturday stressed the need for grooming skilled workforce to exepedite the country’s economic development.

They made the remarks while speaking the seminar on “Local Managerial Capacity Building” organized by Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the city.

Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment minister Nurul Islam was present as the chief guest at the seminar with DCCI President Abul Kasem Khan in the chair.

Abul Kasem Khan said managerial, technical and professional skills have always been the most important factor for any developing countries for fostering innovation, creating business opportunities, increasing productivity, integrating with global value chain and tapping the future prosperity and creating jobs.

He said as per occupation distribution, we have only 1.8% managers, 3.8% professionals and 1.9% is technical experts.

He said lack of skill is slowing the inward foreign remittance trend and increasing the outward remittance transfer.

The education system of our country needs to be restructured matching skills supply to the needs of industry and service sector.

He said if any industry spends money for training of their professionals for developing managerial skill that money should be considered as tax free.

Minister Nurul Islam said that the population of our country is a great asset and about 10.1 million Bangladeshi expatriates are working abroad and sending about $15 billion to Bangladesh.

‘If we can send our skilled workforce with proper training we can earn 10 times more remittance than we receive now.’

 He said that the government has set a target to send one million people abroad. He said we should be careful enough to stop siphoning our money abroad as well as he urged to reduce non performing loans (NPL) or bad debts.

Additional Secretary, Technical and Madrasa Education Division Ashoke Kumar Biswas and Managing Director of SME Foundation Md. Shafiqul Islam spoke on the occasion as designated discussants.

They said our industry needs skilled manpower. Now days our industries need Managers of technical skill, communication skill, negotiation skill, convincing skill. They said yearly $5 billion has been spent for hiring foreign skilled Managers. But we need more training programmes and government’s intervention to upgrade curriculum of our technical education. Trainings should be integrated with our main academic course as it is the demand of time now, they said. To be the developed nation by the year 2041, we need to focus on our education system and we need to develop the skill of our mid level Managers.

National Skill Development Council Chief executive officer ABM Khorshed Alam presented the keynote paper and highlighted good managerial skills must have communication skill, leadership skill, analytical skill, problem-solving skill, negotiation skill, networking skill and technological skill.

As we are yet to achieve 30th largest economy, double digit GDP growth, GDP of $1291 billion by 2030 we need competent managers.  He called upon industry to focus on curriculum by the academia, more research on managerial skills gap, design short-term training to develop industry specific skills development policies.

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