3 Bangladeshis killed Malaysia landslide

A landslide at a construction site in northern Malaysia on Saturday killed three Bangladeshis among four workers, with rescuers searching for 11 others feared trapped in the mud and rubble.

A 10-metre-high slope crashed down at the construction site in George Town, capital of the northwest Malaysian state of Penang, a popular tourist destination, early Saturday.

Identities of the Bangladeshi workers could not be known immediately.

Rescuers are racing against time to excavate the rubble to get to another 11 foreign workers, believed to be from Indonesia, Myanmar and Bangladesh, who are feared buried alive.

State lawmaker Teh Yee Cheu told local media that he was told by a rescue worker that most of the victims were likely buried at least 10-15 feet under mud and rubble.

Natural boulders from the hill had also come hurtling down during the landslide, he added.


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