No Progress In Sending B’deshi Specialist Doctors To Saudi Arabia

Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited, in short BOESL, said that it could make no headway in recruiting specialist doctors for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

BOESL officials told New Age that the country’s specialist doctors showed little interest to work in the KSA.

They said that the KSA wants to recruit 1,000 specialist doctors from Bangladesh.

In November 2016, a Saudi request for recruiting specialist doctors was conveyed to the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment through Bangladesh Embassy in Riyadh, they said.

A senior BOESL official told New Age that responding to advertisement published in January around 300 doctors, mostly general practitioners applied for jobs in the KSA.

He said that a very limited number of specialist doctors sent their applications to the BOESL, as most of them were reluctant to work abroad as they earn a lot at home.

According to the published ads KSA needs consultants with PhD, fellowship or board with three years’ experience in intensive care, neonatology and NICU, emergency, anesthesiology, radiology, neurosurgery, endocrinology, obstetrics and gynecology, nephrology and orthopedics.

A Saudi health ministry team did not visit Bangladesh in February as scheduled to interview 300 applicants citing certification issues.

As the government’s recruiting agency, BOESL hired 2,470 doctors for overseas jobs in last 32 years, including 1,504 for the KSA, 850 for Iran, eight for Libya, 41 for Botswana, 20 for the Maldives and seven for Oman.

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