Continue Protest Against Genocide of Rohingyas

Experts on Friday called for continuing mass protest against ‘genocide’ and brutality on Rohingya people in the Rakhaine state of Myanmar to protect their rights.

They also called upon the UN Security Council members, particularly Russia and China, to change their current policy towards the terrorist state of Myanmar that scrapped citizenship  rights of Rohingyas.

The academics, filmmakers and civil society members made their calls and observations while speaking at photography exhibition on ‘Brutality Against Humanity’ at Drik Gallery in the city’s Dhanmondi Residential Area.

Films4PeaceFoundation, a non-profit organization, organized the exhibition.

Dhaka University International Relations professor CR Abrar said that there was no easy way to solve the Myanmar’s Rohingya issue which has affected Bangladesh over the times.

‘Local and international civil society members should have to come forward to take up the Rohingya issues to raise voice against the proved genocide of the Myanmar committing against the humanity,’ he said.

‘We call for dignified repatriation of Rohingya to their own homeland involving international communities,’ he said.

Abrar also, executive director of Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit said the Rohingyas’ self identity has been denied by the international communities and by this way they were violating the international laws.

Noted filmmaker and teacher Manzarehassin Murad said that the Rohingya people’ problem have turned into the problem of the world humanity and the conscious people must protest against the brutality.

‘The atrocities against the humanity have been taking place worldwide,’ he said, adding that everybody has responsibility to play due role to stand beside the humanity.

Former labour attaché Kazi Abul Kalam said that he has got experiences about miserable conditions of Rohingya people while working in Kingdom Saudi Arabia.

Kalam who is now a joint secretary at education ministry said that Rohingya people have been ousted from their own homestead were passing days in miserable conditions.

He called for protesting against the crimes committing by Myanmar against the humanity.

Watching the photographs of the Rohiangya victims exhibited in the gallery writer Faizul Islam expressed his sadness over the genocide of Rohingya people in Myanmar.

‘Each photograph has its individual story of sadness,’ he said.

Film4Peace Foundation chairman Pervez Siddiqui who moderated the inaugural session of the photograph exhibition said that all people must be aware of the genocide which has been taking place in Myanmar.

The Rohingya people who took shelters in Bangladesh were the survivors of genocide, he said, adding that the photography has been presented to inform the world about the genocide of Rohingya people.

‘Let us continue protest against the genocide of Rohinyas,’ he said.

Cultural activists, university teachers, students, representatives from government and non-government organizations were present at the exhibition.

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