International Migrants’ Day celebrated

The government of Bangladesh along with the migrant rights organizations, recruiting agencies and other stakeholders celebrated the international migrants’ day on Monday with festive manner expressing pledges to work together to ensure safe, orderly and regular migration.

As parts of celebration of the day, they brought our colourful rally, held seminars, discussions, art competitions and migration fair in the capital city from morning to late afternoon.

Returnee migrants, grassroots organizations, migrant rights campaigners and labour rights activists took part in the day long programme,  

Inaugurating the inaugural session of the international migrants’ day, home minister Asaduzzaman Khan on Monday said that the government’s key ministries were closely working to thwart the human trafficking of the migrant workers from Bangladesh.

‘It is essential to ensure the labour migration to be held through legal channels to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals,’ he said.

Speaking as chief guest, Asaduzzaman Khan said that the ministries of home affairs, foreign affairs and expatriates welfare and overseas employment were working to thwart the human trafficking.

He stressed the need for creating awareness at the grassroots level to encourage the safe migrations.

Presiding over the session, EWOE Minister Nurul Islam said that the government has been working to enhance skills of the migrant workers for safe migration in line with the target of SDGs. The minister conveyed best wishes to the migrant workers from home and abroad.

In the session, returnee migrant Nargis Akhter Jui from Naraynaganj and Porimal Badal from Pirojpur narrated their experience of overseas migration. Bangladeshi expatriates from South Korea exchanged their greetings with the ministers through video conference.

A total 60 stalls of GOs, NGOs, Banks, Development Partners and recruiting agencies took part in the fair.

In the morning, a colourful rally was brought out from South Plaza of the National Parliament and ended at Bangabandhu International Conference center.

EWOE ministry and BOESL organized a shadow parliament moderated by debate for democracy chairman Hasan Ahmed Chowdhury Kiron.

EWOE ministry’s secretary Namita Halder said that the migrants who were going abroad without being aware of migration became victims of several problems.

She stressed the need for ensuring transparency at every steps of the migration,

The secretary encouraged the country’s recruiting agencies to open their offices at 64 districts, so that the migrant workers could get the right information about migration.

BOESL managing director Maran Kuman Chakraborty emphasized on facilitating people friendly migration from Bangladesh.

Hasan Ahmed Kiron said that right wages and decent jobs must be ensured for the migrant workers who were sending remittance to the country.

He also said that it was also essential to take steps to regulate the high migration cost and middlemen involved with the migration process. 

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