Bangladeshi Professor Participated Int’l Forum in South Korea
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International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT) Professor Mohammed Ataur Rahman participated in the 9th Tongyeong ESD International Forum at Sejahtera Forest AP RCE Tongyeong from 11th to 15th December.

Dr Mohammed Ataur Rahman, also director of Centre for the Global Environmental Culture and Program on Education for Sustainability at IUBAT, said that the International ESD Forum was attended by the Asia Pacific RCE Coordinators from 23 RCEs of Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Bangladesh, India and Kyrgyzstan.

Dr Eun-Kyung Park, Dr Chinara, Dr Abdesh Ganguwar, Professor Munira Gazali and Dr Miki Konishi were among them. Moreover, a host of local young ESD researchers participated in the forum and workshops.

 Mr Kim Dong-Jin, Mayor of Tongyeong City spoke at the inauguration session while Dr Park declared Sehajetera Forest of RCE Tongyeong as the Regional Asia Pacific RCE Center 

The whole ESD program was conducted on four thematic sessions of Teacher Training, Role of Youth, Disaster Risk Reduction and Engagement of Multi-stakeholder in City

Dr Mohammed Ataur Rahman presented a paper on “Natural and Traditional Defense Mechanisms to Reduce Disaster Risks in Bangladesh”.  In this presentation, different aspects of natural and traditional defense mechanisms were highlighted which were highly appreciated by the audience and participants.

For ESD research, traditional practices against disasters are being included for further study to develop an effective DRR. Finally, the collaboration among different RCEs was discussed. RCE Greater Dhaka has strong collaboration with RCE Tongyeong and other RCEs.

This Forum aims to strengthen networks between Asia-Pacific RCEs in field of Teacher Training, role of Youth, Disaster Risk Reduction Preparedness, and Engagement of multi-stakeholders in cities.

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