50 Bangladeshi trafficking victims detained in Malaysia

The Malaysian Immigration Department has detained a Bangladeshi expatriate for, what they said, running a syndicate trafficking blacklisted foreigners into the country.

Director General Mustafar Ali of the Department said the 43-year-old man known as “Abang Bangla” was detained in Shah Alam area, reports Malaysian daily the New Straits Times on Friday.

A 49-year-old Malaysian man was also arrested for abetting the syndicate.

Mustafar said 50 other Bangladeshis, aged between 20 and 45, were arrested in another raid in Shah Alam.

“Our preliminary investigation showed that Abang Bangla, whose real name is Abdur Rauf, has been trafficking people into Malaysia for the past eight months,” he said.

“Some of them have been blacklisted as they had previously committed immigration offences.

“Some have also served their sentences. Since they have been blacklisted, they could no longer enter Malaysia legally,” Mustafar said.

He added the modus operandi of the syndicate was to buy flight tickets for these foreigners from Dhaka to Jakarta. From Jakarta, they would take a boat to enter Malaysia illegally.

Mustafar said, “They also had to pay between RM 15,000 and RM 20,000 to the syndicate to enter Malaysia. They would be placed at a temporary house in Sekinchan until they settle their payment. After they have paid the full amount, they would be handed over to agents or employers.”

The department also seized RM 13,400 in cash, 48 passports and a taxi. The case is being investigated.


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