Brazil A Potential Destination for B'deshi Workers

South American largest country Brazil can be a potential destination for Bangladeshi migrant workers to contribute in the development activities.

Considering prospective labour demand, the government initiative is underway to explore the new destination to send its vast labour forces in coming days, said officials.

A team of the Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment ministry has recently visited Brazil to explore the scope of overseas employment for Bangladeshis.

EWOE ministry’s joint secretary Mohsin Chowdhury, also private secretary to the EWOE minister, who led the Bangladesh delegation to Brazil found that there were ample scopes of employments for Bangladeshis in Brazil.

Brazil and its neighboring countries in Latin America have vast arable land remained unused due to lack of manpower.

Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training director Nurul Islam who was one of the team members, said that there were vast agricultural lands in Brazil where Bangladeshi workers could find jobs.

The cheap leasing of agricultural lands could be good opportunity for Bangladeshis to get engaged themselves with economic activities in those countries, he said.

 ‘As there is no deal of manpower recruitment with Brazil, the government can take steps to sign a deal to facilitate formal migration of the workers,’ he said.

Considering scarcity of jobs in the traditional labour markets, Nurul Islam said that the BMET was now conducting a research in 52 countries to explore possible avenues for the country’s millions of workers.

When asked about his opinion, migrant rights campaigner and WARBE Development Foundation secretary general Faruque Ahmed welcomed the government’s initiatives to send the country’s workers to Brazil, which can be new destination for them.

He, however, urged the government to send the workers to Brazil and other new destinations under the Bilateral Agreement to protect the rights of migrant workers.

Apart from agricultural workers, Faruque, also a returnee migrant, said that the authorities concerned should groom skilled workers for new labour market in South American countries.

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