B’deshi workers asked not to escape from workplaces in Malaysia

Bangladesh High Commission in Kuala Lumpur requested the Bangladeshi workers employed in Malaysia not to run away from their workplaces being allured by the brokers.

Despite having their valid passports and visas, the workers should mot anyhow escape from the company, the Bangladesh said on Sunday on its Face book post.

Describing the run-away from workplace as dangerous offence, the High Commission requested the workers recruited under the G2G plus mechanism to inform the mission about problems they were facing at the workplaces to get their solutions.

The workers who were employed at various companies under the G2G plus were asked to obey the employment contacts, the FB post said.

‘If there is any problem in Malaysia and if you don’t want to stay in the employed company, please inform Bangladesh High Commission and stay in the company,’ the post said, assuring that the officials would take measures to solve the problems.

‘Because you have many rights in the employment contact and one of them is right to leave the company,’ the High Commission said. ‘Do not run away from company.’

The workers were also requested to contact on Bangladesh High Commission at +60124313150; 0122941617 and 0122903252 to lodge their complaints.

According to Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training, Job opportunities for Bangladeshi workers swelled in Malaysia since July last year when it began large scale recruitments of Bangladeshis for all the sectors under G2G plus mechanism.

Nearly one lakh workers have gone to Malaysian in 2017, the BMET record show.

Over six lakh workers from Bangladesh are currently working in Malaysia, one of the country’s major labour destination, said officials concerned.

Malaysian immigration authorities have launched crackdowns on undocumented migrant workers since last February, the Malaysian media reported.


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