Bangladeshis Get Affected for Levies on Foreign Workers in Malaysia
Photo: Migration News

Bangladeshi migrant workers would get more affected due to more levies to be imposed by the Malaysian government on the foreign workers, said experts.

The Malaysian government is considering an imposition of more levies eventually to reduce foreign worker count in selected industries, said its Second Finance Minister Johari Abdul Ghani.

‘We will impose more levies. At this moment the levies are already high so we will give them time. We need to manage our reliance on foreign workers,’ he was quoted by Malaysian daily The Star.

‘We understand that we cannot have zero foreign workers, we still need them but we need to reduce the numbers. Industries that rely heavily on foreign workers: we have to do away with this,” he said further.

“If we want to ensure the country can afford the minimum wage of what Bank Negara has indicated. We need to put more attention into automating our industries. We have to start using artificial intelligence etc,” Johari added.

WARBE Development Foundation secretary general Faruque Ahmed said that imposing levies was the bad news to the migrant workers who were getting low wages and living in poor conditions in Malaysia.

‘It is the responsibility of the government to take up the issue with Malaysian authorities to relieve migrant workers from paying the levies,’ he said.

According to the record of Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training, more than six lakh Bangladeshi migrants were employed in Malaysia.

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