Bangladesh MPs Find Disparity in Migration Cost for Malaysian Jobs
Bangladesh Team in Malaysia

Bangladesh parliamentarians who were on fact finding mission in Malaysia discovered big disparities between the cost of migration for the workers of Bangladesh and their colleagues from Nepal and Indonesia.

They observed that the syndicate of recruiting agencies made costlier recruitment for Bangladesh workers to get their jobs in Malaysia under the current government to government (G2G) plus mechanism.

A four member team of Bangladesh Parliamentarians has recently visited Malaysia with fact finding mission found that Nepalese and Indonesian workers were getting jobs in Malaysia at zero migration cost.

In the contrary, the Bangladeshi workers were forced to pay Tk four lakh each under the G2G plus system, they found on the ground.

On return home, Parliamentarians Caucus on Migration and Development chairman Israfil Alam MP told that the existing syndicate of the recruiting agents has been charging high migration cost for Bangladeshi workers for Malaysian jobs.

‘There are about 1200 recruiting agencies in Bangladesh and they are all entitled to send workers abroad. Only a handful agency is controlling recruitment of workers in Malaysia. The syndicate is unacceptable in a democratic country,’ he said.

Israfil Alam who led a four member Bangladesh parliamentarians including Md Ayeen Uddin MP and Moh Salim Uddin Tarafder MP and Zabunnasa Afroz, MP to the fact finding missions in Malaysia where they met the some other parliamentarians came from Nepal.

Israfil Alam observed that a standard migration cost should not be more than three month wage of a worker but Bangladeshi workers were forced to pay Tk four lakh, equivalent to worker’ wages for 20 months .

The Bangladesh Parliamentarians also found that there were many Bangladeshi workers who have become undocumented in Malaysia after going there in student, tourist and professional visas.

They also found that little number of Bangladeshis was still going to Malaysia through sea route though the government of Bangladesh has taken strict measures to stop such illegal migration.

Bangladesh MPs visited Malaysia on April 20-22.

Migrant Forum in Asia in short MFA, a regional network of non-government organizations, associations and trade unions of migrant workers, and individual advocates in Asia, organized the field visit of the fact finding mission.

During the visit, Bangladesh team had meetings with relevant Malaysian ministries, MPs, Malaysian Human Rights Commission, migrants community of Nepali and Bangladeshi, civil society and trade unions and foreign missions of Bangladesh and Nepal.

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