B’deshi Workers Live in Substandard Housing in Malaysia
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Bangladeshi workers who have gone to work in the construction sector in Malaysia were living in substandard conditions, almost unsuitable for lives.

At least 14 Bangladeshi constriction workers in Malaysia’s Serdang area were compelled to share a single room which has no mattress, according to a migrant right activist who is based in Malaysia.

‘The sample of Bangladeshi workers’ hostel is not good. They stay in the messy room which doses not have mattress,’ said the source.

‘About 14 Bangladeshi inmates who worked in local constriction company live in the single room where they eat, sleep, cook and dry clothes,’ he added.

The workers used to share two toilets in the open hostel arranged privately by themselves, he said.

Adrian Pereira, Director at North South Initiative, a Malaysia based non-government organization, shared in his facebook said that Malaysians - let me INTRODUCE you to the Bangladeshi Construction Workers hostel. 

‘One sleeps on the concrete floor, (covered by a thin plastic cover) after 12 to 14 hours of hard labour,’ he said.

The pictures which were sent from the Serdang, depicted the odd scenario of the shabby room and staircase with full of messes.

Asked his comment, Adrian Pereira said that hostels of Bangladeshi workers like this further increases the risk of health problems and disease. ‘The residues from the construction sites are inhaled in their hostels which have little ventilation and this could cause respiratory problems in the future.’

According to Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training, Malaysia has become one of the largest destinations for Bangladeshi migrant workers.

Since 1978, more than nine lakh workers have gone to work to this East Asian country with immigration clearance, BMET record show.

Besides, there were uncounted undocumented migrant workers from Bangladesh and they were working in the East Asian country, said officials and rights activists.

When asked, Bangladeshi migrant rights campaigner and WARBE Development Foundation secretary general Faruque Ahmed said that Bangladeshi migrant workers have gone to work in Malaysia for betterment of their lives.

‘As foreign workers, it is the responsibility of the destination country to ensure standard accommodation for them,’ he said.

Bangladesh government should take up the issues of migrant living conditions to the concerned ministries of Malaysia during the bilateral talks, he added.


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