Anika Gets Presidential Award in USA

Anika Jahan Bhuyan has received gold medal of the Presidential Award for her outstanding academic result in the Middle School in the United States of America.

She achieved the award for securing overall academic marks above 95 per cent from the Rudder middle school, situated in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Rudder middle school’s honorable Principal Dr. Jewell handed over the award certificate to her in an august ceremony of the school.

When contacted from Bangladesh, Anika said that she was very happy with the result and she also sought the best wishes from all of her parental family members.

Anika, who has just begun her education in a local High School, expressed her interest to study medical science in future.

Anika Jahan Bhuyan was born in San Antonio of Texas, United States. She is the second child of a Bangladeshi origin parents being American citizens.

Anika’ parents urged to all concerned for keeping their daughter in prayers so that she could keep on success in her future education. 

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