UAE Unlikely to Reopen for Bangladeshi Workers Soon
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United Arab Emirates is unlikely to reopen its markets to Bangladeshis very soon as Tadbeer, a newly created recruitment company of the gulf state is yet to be prepared for operations, said officials in Dhaka.

Although Bangladesh government had announced in April that it would start sending domestic workers in 19 categories to the UAE within three months.

Bangladeshi and UAE signed a memorandum of understanding to resume recruiting workers in 19 categories from Bangladesh but there was no progress in preparations, they said.

Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment ministry’s secretary Dr Nomita Halder said that Bangladesh’s preparation to send domestic workers to UAE remain going on.

‘As Tadbeer is a new company, they are taking time to get prepared. So, sending workers may get delayed, ‘she said.

The three month duration is still not expired, the secretary said, adding that the Joint Working Committee has been formed on this regard.

A senior ministry official informed that recruitment of workers to UAE remained uncertain as Tadbeer Service Centre, has not been able to manage recruitment of workers.

The official preferring unnamed said that other recruitment companies beyond Tadbeer in UAE were opposing the monopolistic recruitment from Bangladesh.

In April, EWOE Minister Nurul Islam announced that UAE lifted partial ban on hiring workers and would resume hiring domestic workers from Bangladesh within next three months.

Bangladesh Association International Recruiting Agency’s joint secretary general Shameem Ahmed Chowdhury Noman said that the UAE has never closed its door to female domestic workers.

‘But the UAE continued to recruit female workers but it does not recruit male workers. We hope that the country will gradually start recruiting other domestic workers soon,’ he said.

The BAIRA leader, however, said that after Ramandan the preparatory works on recruitment of domestic workers in other categories might start in light of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Dhaka and Abu Dhabi.

‘If the government resumes, the private sector will be engaged,’ said Shameem, also proprietor of Sadia International recruiting agency.

According to EWOE ministry officials, MoU stipulates the UAE would recruit workers in 19 categories through private sector. The categories include labourer, sailor, watchman, shepherd, falconer, housekeeper, cook, nanny, farmer, gardener, private trainer, private tutor, farm supervisor and private driver.

State minister for foreign affairs Shahriar Alam has recently claimed that the UAE labour markets been partially opened to Bangladeshi workers.

The UAE had imposed the ban on recruiting Bangladeshi workers in 2012, citing irregularities in recruitment process.

According to Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training record, over six lakh Bangladeshi workers are currently working in UAE.

Describing UAE as one of the country’s largest destination for Bangladeshis, migrant right campaigner and WARBE Development Foundation secretary general Faruque Ahmed said that the government should immediately take action for quick reopening the market to the Bangladeshi workers.

He urged the government to keep the UAE labour market free from syndicate of recruiting agencies so that the country’s poor workers could get jobs under low cost of migration without facing problems.

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