Asia Regional Consultation on GCM held in Bangkok

The Asia Regional Consultation on Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration was held in Bangkok, Thailand on August 24-25 and it was organized by Migrant Forum in Asia.

Participants comprising representatives from the civil society organization networks, trade unions, migrant rights bodies and media from the South Asia and the South East Asian regions took part into the two-day consultation.

William Gois, Regional Coordinator of the Migrant Forum in Asia, moderated the sessions of the two day consultation on GCM.

The participants discussed in groups and discovered absent issues in the six themes adopted for final draft of the GCM process. The themes included Irregular and Regular migration, Labour Migration, Refugees and Migrants Rights to Social Services, Return, Readmission and Reintegration and Gender.

The Global Compact on Migration provides an opportunity to renew collective commitment to strengthening the framework of migration governance and to protect people who are migrating. Migrants who are documented or rendered irregular due to factors out of their control should be protected.

Migrants should not face discrimination, violence and the human rights of all workers should be respected irrespective of their legal status. The GCM should reiterate a strong call to all states to eradicate discriminatory, xenophobic practices and behaviors by governments, employers and general public towards migrants.

A Bangladesh team took part in the consultation and presented the country report on major activities on GCM organized in Bangladesh.

Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program chairman Shakirul Islam presented the updated country reports at the regional consultation on the GCM while he was assisted by Dr Lily Gomes, Senior Program Officer of Solidarity Centre Bangladesh.

In her speech, Lily Gomes said that trade union and labour movements of Bangladesh welcomed the opportunity to be engaged in the GCM process and they gave importance on the following points ---promoting decent works and conventions, addressing labour migration issues, guarantees of ILO principals and right of work, including freedom of association to all migrant workers, recognition of the role of trade unions in advancing decent work, ethical recruitment practices, addressing gander based violence and climate hit displacement.

Alonzo Glenn Suson, Country Program Director of Solidarity Center - Sri Lanka shared his inputs with the consultation on GCM. He said that both documented and undocumented migrant workers should be given protection in the GCM.

Kelly M. Fay Rodríguez of Solidarity Center Bangladesh also responded to different issues raised in the Asia Regional Consultation.

Bangladesh country-report mentioned that Bangladesh Civil Society Organizations, Bangladesh government with cooperation of International Organizations for Migration had arranged series seminars and consultations on global compact on migration aimed to ensure safe, orderly and responsible migration from Bangladesh.

Bangladesh’ foreign ministry has taken lead in the national and the international level consultations and negotiations on GCM. The ministry of Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment ministry was playing role to ensure safe and orderly migration in light of the GCM.

Parliamentarians Caucus on Migration and Development, which was formed in March 2017 organized seminars, consultations and hearings of the victim migrants at Parliament Member Club in Dhaka as well as awareness meeting at divisional headquarters across the country.

Solidarity Centre, Bangladesh organized national consultations in Dhaka and engaged the trade unions and labour leaders with the GCM process.

On July 29-30, two-day national consultation on the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration had been held in Dhaka, Bangladesh to have greater awareness and engagement on GCM among various migrants’ stakeholders. Bangladesh Civil Society for Migration, in collaboration with Migrant Forum in Asia, organized the National Consultation.

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