Govt Asked to Rehabilitate Abused Domestic Workers Return from KSA
Photo: Migration News

The National Domestic Women Workers Union on Saturday demanded that Bangladesh government should immediately take steps to rehabilitate the women domestic workers who were returning from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as victims of abuse.

The NDWWU leaders also demanded that the government provide proper treatment to the domestic workers retuning with physical and mental trauma from the Kingdom.

They made the remarks while speaking at a human chain in front of National Press Club, organized by The National Domestic Women Workers Union.

Speaking at the human chain, NDWWU general secretary Murshida Akter Naher said that Bangladeshi domestic workers were returning from Saudi Arabia in groups after suffering many problems including abuse and torture.

 ‘The government must arrange their rehabilitation, provide them treatment and realize compensations for them,’ she said.

NDWWU president Amena Begum who presided over the rally said that the government have to listen to their raising demands as they were voters and citizens of the country.

‘We demand formulation of a comprehensive labour law which will ensure protection of all workers, including domestic workers,’ she said.

She urged the government to implement the Domestic Worker Protection and Welfare Policy, which had been adopted three years ago.

Trade union leader and NDWWU adviser Abul Hossain said that domestic workers continued to return home from Saudi Arabia as victims of abuse, exploitations and tortures.

Many of them went to work abroad by selling all properties and returned home at empty-handed, he said, adding that these helpless migrants should be rehabilitated by the government.

None of the abused female workers get financial support from the state owned Probashi Kalyan Bank and the Wage Earners Welfare Fund, which were created by the contribution of the migrant workers, he said.

Abul Hossain said that ministries of labour and expatriates welfare and overseas employment should provide necessary rehabilitation supports to distressed migrant workers.

He demanded the government should include all workers, including domestic workers, under coverage of the proposed labour law.

NDWWU adviser and Member of Central Committee at Workers Party of Bangladesh Mostafa Alamgir Ratan said that there were many Bangladeshi female workers returning after being sexually abused and pregnant in Saudi Arabia.

‘The government must take responsibility to rehabilitee those abused migrant workers,’ he said, adding that the recruiting agencies which sent them must be brought to book to realize compensations from them.

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