All Recruiting Agencies Allowed Sending Workers to Malaysia
Photo: Migration News

Ministerial level meeting from Bangladesh and Malaysia decided on Tuesday that all authorized recruiting agencies in Bangladesh were allowed to send workers to Malaysia.

Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Nurul Islam and Malaysian had meeting with Malaysian Human Resource minister M. Kulasegaran in Kuala Lumpur.

The meeting also decided that Bangladeshi workers would be allowed to recruit under ‘calling visa system.’

The EWOE ministry press release issued on Tuesday said that the migrant workers who were in waiting would be able to get jobs in Malaysia under the calling visas

During the bilateral meeting, the two ministers also discussed about legalization of the undocumented Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia.

The ministerial level talks were held on 2:30pm and in the earlier a team of 11 members led by Bangladesh High Commissioner Md Shahidul Islam had a working group meeting between the officials of the two countries at 9:30am.

Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training director general Salim Reza, Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment Ministry’s additional secretary Ahmed Munirus Saleheen Foreign affairs ministry’s director  general Delwar Hossain, Prime Minister Office director Mosharraf Hossain and senior officials from home affairs and Bangladesh High Commission were present.

There is no direct involvement of employers under calling visa and the workers are recruited through online outsourcing system.

Migrant rights activists expressed concern that Bangladeshi workers might get cheated under the calling visa if strict mechanism were not taken by the authorities concerned.

WARBE Development Foundation chairman Syed Saiful Haque said that it was not clear on which method Bangladeshi migrant workers would be recruited and how their rights to be protected.

Referring to previous records, he said that many Bangladeshi workers had been cheated in Malaysia and they also failed to get right jobs after recruitment of calling visas.

‘The visa trading may take place again. Migration cost of workers will be high if 1300 recruiting agencies start uneven competition,’ he said.

Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program chairman Shakirul demanded that the government must ensure low cost or zero cost recruitment of Bangladesh migrant workers as the country agreed on Dhaka Declaration of Colombo Process.

When the workers will arrive, he said that the government must ensure that they get jobs properly and have also access to consular services in crisis moment.

Quoting Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, KL daily, The Star reported that Malaysian government wanted to establish a single and non-discriminatory system of hiring expatriate workers.

From September 1, Malaysian government stopped hiring workers from Bangladesh under the so called government to government plus better known as G2G Plus.

Since 2015, about two lakh Bangladeshi workers went to Malaysia under the G2G Plus system that gave monopoly rights to 10 Bangladeshi agencies to hire workers.

Over seven lakh Bangladeshi workers are currently working in Malaysia, according to EWOE officials.

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