Books on Mediation, Decentralization of Migration Services Launched
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Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU) on Thursday launched a set of publications on migration mediation titled Justice at the door steps: Mediation on Migration Fraudulence, Migration Dispute Mediation Manual and Dynamics of Decentralization: Migration Services under Spotlight.

The launching ceremony took place at the Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training conference room with BMET director general Salim Reza as chief guest.

RMMRU founding chair Tasneem Siddiqui who moderated the launching said that 19 per cent of migrant workers have failed to go abroad after paying a section or full amount of money, according to a survey of conducted in 2017.

RMMRU conducted a door to door survey of 5400 households at one municipality and one union of Kalihati Upazila in Tangail and it found that 40 per cent of these were migrant households.

She said that among the migrant households 40 per cent experience fraudulence at different stages of migration.

‘19 per cent have failed to go abroad after paying section or full amount and 32per cent have experienced inhuman and degrading treatment at the destination,’ she said, referring to the study finding.

BMET director general Salim Reza said that many big problems had been resolved through arbitration at the people’s doorsteps. 

He thought that this book would play important role in resolving migrant problems in mediation at the doorsteps.

Dhaka University’ professor of Law and also Treasurer of RMMRU Sumaiya Khair, who authored the book ‘Justice at the Doorsteps: Mediation on Migration Fraudulence,’ said that while conducting the survey, the affected households expressed th0eir desire that they do not want to pursue formal legal prosecution.

Migrant rights activists, representatives from government and non-government organizations took part in the discussions.

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