Concerted Efforts Stressed to Ensure Fair Recruitment

Migrant rights activists and recruiting agents on Saturday unanimously called for taking concerted efforts of all concerned to ensure fair recruitment as well as safe, orderly and regular migration.

They made the remarks while speaking at discussion on ‘Fairer Labour Migration and Welfare of the Bangladeshi Workers,’ organized by Bangladeshi Ovhibashi Mohila Sramik Association with support of PROKAS programme of British Council in the city.

Leaders of Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA) who spoke at the discussion asked its all members to practice ethical and fair recruitment while sending workers abroad through lower migration cost and ensuring their higher wages.

BAIRA secretary general Shameem Ahmed Chowdhury Noman urged all BAIRA members to be honest, responsible and careful in sending workers abroad to make the migration sector more sustainable.

‘If Nepal and Vietnam can send their workers abroad at free of cost,  why does Bangladeshi workers send its workers at the high cost of migration,’ he said.

Shameem Ahmed Chowdhury also, proprietor of Sadia International, said that BAIRA would take action if any recruiting agency practiced unethical recruitment.

To cut migration cost and involvement of middlemen, the BAIRA leader proposed the government to maintain a digital database of workers for selections and help prepare the workers’ passports in seven days without hassle.

BAIRA President Benjir Ahmed said that each migrant worker had to pay a fee of Tk 3500 to the government while going abroad with job, so the wage earners welfare board that was created with the migrants’ money, had to take responsibility of the workers.

‘The 15 billion dollar labour migration sector remains neglected in Bangladesh,’ he said, adding that the BAIRA members were never included with the official delegation when the country’s head of the state or head the government visited countries with employing Bangladeshi workers.

Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training director Nurul Islam asked the recruiting agencies to take preventive and preventive measures while selecting the female workers through interviews at home to reduce problems in the destination.

 He also called upon the recruiting agencies for maintaining diversification in sending workers abroad reducing dependency in Middle East countries.

IID chief executive Sayeed Ahmed stressed the need for dissemination of right information among migrants and recruiting agencies to ensure ethical recruitment.

BOMSA director Sumaiya Islam who moderated the discussion said that concerted efforts of all stakeholders were needed to ensure safe, orderly and regular migration from Bangladesh.

A good number of migrant workers, their right activists, recruiting agents and migrant friendly lawyers shared their views at the discussion.

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