Over 100 Trafficking victims Return from Indonesia
Pix: Al Amin Noyon

Over 100 Bangladeshi trafficking victims have returned home from Indonesian Medan area where nearly 300 Bangladeshis were locked up the traffickers to send them to Malaysia.

Rest of the Bangladeshi victims will be returning home from Indonesia in batches, said officials in Dhaka and Jakarta.

Returnee victims told Migration News that promising jobs to Malaysia on condition of paying migration cost after arrival, Bangladeshis have been trafficked to Indonesia by air.

They described harrowing experience in the month long journey in the East Asian country as they were kept hostage in a warehouse letting them use a single bathroom for drinking water.

Bangladesh Ambassador in Indonesia Major General Azmal Kabir said that the Bangladeshis who were recovered by law enforcing agencies had machine readable passports with all of them.

The traffickers were trying to send those victims to any third country via Indonesia, he said, adding that Indonesia has not opened its labour market to Bangladeshis.

Brac migration program officials received the returned victims of trafficking at Dhaka airport with foods and financial helps to make their travel to homes.

The trafficking victims who have recently come back home were from Narsingdi, Narayanganj, Sirajganj and  Jassore areas from where human trafficking committed in 2015.

Trafficking victim Delwar Hossain of Jassore said that his broker based in Dhaka promised him a job in Malaysia and payment of Tk 2.5 lakh after arrival.

 Delwar who is a farmer agreed on the proposal of the broker and started journey on January 17.  He was sent to Indonesia via Kuala Lumpur by air in the night of January 17.

From KL, their flight was toward Bali where he along with other Bangladeshis spent two days. Then local brokers sent the victims to Jakarta by bus which took about four days to reach.

Medan, the capital of Indonesia’s North Sumatra province from where the Indonesian police found the Bangladeshis locked up in a shop house.

Yesir Arafar, another victim of trafficking from Sirajganj also returned home on Friday night after facing problems in Indonesia.

Arafat’ aunt said that her nephew was only 16 year old and candidate of SSC in local school. Local broker Ruhul Amin allured job in Malaysia took Tk 60,000 from family.

Promising that rest of the money has to be paid after arrival in Malaysia, she said.


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