BMET holds 2nd public hearing on migrants’ issues

Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training in its second weekly public hearings recommended processing necessary steps to solve the problems of migrant workers facing at home and abroad.

BMET director general Salim Reza on Monday passed recommendation after hearing problems of victim migrant workers, their family members and other stakeholders who appealed for realizing compensations and finding those still missing abroad.

Jesmin Akter, a divorcee, of Habiganj was sent to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Hemel Air Service on October 2017 to work as domestic worker.

Her elder sister Josna Akter raised the complaint at the public hearing that her younger sister has been missing for last five months.

She could not communicate with Jesmine over phone and IMO number over last five month though her sister used to talk and send monthly wage to them.

BMET director general Samil Reza who presided over the weekly public hearing asked BMET officials to send letter to Bangladesh Embassy in Riyadh for taking steps to trace the female migrant.

Another victim migrant Mahabubul said that he was sent to Malaysia by Catharsis recruiting agency in May 2018. After landing in Malaysia, he joined work. But within few days the employer sent him back to Bangladesh, he said.

Mahabub said that he was sent back home due to unfit health certificate problems issued by Catharsis.

In responding to the case, BMET director general Salim Reza asked the officials to take action against the recruiting agency and realize compensation for the victim.  

Another petitioner Amir Hamza of Keraniganj complained that his wife has been detained in a Saudi jail at Baroida area of Al Kashim province for last three months.

Amir Hamza who was father of three children said that her wife was arrested as she was carrying a bag with illegal things. The bag was asked to carry by Faisal of Namira overseas which agency processed the migration.

The BMET director general asked the officials to send the document to Bangladesh missions in Saudi Arabia to take legal action.

A total of 12 complaints were discussed at the BMET hearing held at its’ conference room.

Recruiting agencies, rights activists and labour lawyers were present at the public hearing.

BMET director for immigration Mohammad Ataur Rahman, also joint secretary, said that they were working to ensure safe migration from Bangladesh.

He blasted the allegation of recruiting agencies of blocking the servers of the agencies in case of migrants’ complaints.   

In observation, BMET officials asked the recruiting agencies to save data of all outgoing migrant workers in their own computerized database to easily dispose the cases.

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