580 undocumented workers from Bangladesh get legalized in Egypt last year
file photo: Workers deported from Egypt

At least 580 Bangladeshi workers who became undocumented in Egypt got them legalized by  obtaining valid documents from the authorities concerned in 2018, according to Bangladesh Embassy in Cairo.

The embassy officials said that the Bangladeshi workers were undocumented on the expiry of their visa terms in Egypt.

Others became undocumented due to working in Egypt after arriving there on tourist visas besides some victims of trafficking, they said.

The officials also said that the traffickers allured some of the workers to leave Bangladesh promising jobs in Libya but left them in Egypt without any valid visa.

The illegal Bangladeshis were getting arrested and jailed before deportations in the North African country, they said.

Labour wing officials in a recent letter to the Wage Earners’ Welfare Board informed that more 246 undocumented Bangladeshi workers were sent back home through issuing them out-passes from embassy in 2018.

They also informed the WEWB that at least six Bangladeshi workers were still detained in the Egyptian jails for committing different offences.

Over 23,000 workers of Bangladesh took jobs in Egypt since 1999, according to the Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training records.

BMET officials told Migration News that Bangladeshi workers were mostly employed in the apparel factories in Egypt.


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