Bangladeshi migrants return empty-handed from abroad
Photo: BRAC Migration Programme

Several hundred Bangladeshi migrant workers have recently returned home at their empty handed especially from Oman, Qatar, Iran, Iraq and Libya, said officials in Dhaka.

They said that those migrant workers have returned home either without getting jobs in destination countries or being victims of trafficking and cheating by the rackets of brokers abd traffickers.

Officials and the migrant rights activists said that Bangladeshi workers migrated paying big amount money but they had to suffer a lot in the Middle East and North African countries.

BRAC migration programme head Shariful Hasan in his facebook on Thursday posted some pictures of the Bangladeshi migrants who returned empty handed.

In his status, he wrote that those pictures were taken from inside of Dhaka Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. Those migrants have just landed in Dhaka almost empty hand from Iraq and Libya.

‘We acknowledge remittance, its high volume and eagerly wait to get a progress driven by GDP at the year end. But at the same time, the faces behind the numbers are simultaneously being overlooked,’ he observed.

Shariful also said that many of the country’s migrant workers returned home empty handed, specially the women being tortured, sexually abused and getting despaired.

He regretted that the returned migrant workers found no other organization to stand beside them upon arrival in the airport.

‘We can humbly say, it’s only BRAC Migration programme which came forward to take this responsibility alone. We took an emergency support initiative from April 2018,’ he described.

As on today BRAC supported 2500 returnees who became significant in number, he said, adding that last one year, Airport police, welfare desk and immigration department everybody helped them,

Shariful recalled that all staff always thanked the BRAC officials for doing the great work and supported the returnees.

We believe in the slogan ‘Manusher Pase Amra’ he said adding that he extended  his sincere thanks to all his colleagues for their hard work and dedication to understand pain of the returnees.

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