Role of Parliamentarians’ Caucus on Migration Praised in New York
Meeting with Bangladesh Permanent Representative to UN

The role of the Bangladesh Parliamentarians’ Caucus on Migration and Development played at different sessions of the United Nations High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development Goals has been  highly praised in New York.

A delegation of Bangladesh Parliamentarians’ Caucus led by its chairman Israfil Alam MP attended the United Nations’ HLPF and also spoke about migration related targets of the SDGs.

Apart from participating the UN sessions, the caucus members had several meetings with the Bangladeshi Diaspora community and Bangladesh government officials in New York.

Bangladesh community people became happy to get the Bangladesh parliamentarians among them and they discussed various migration related issues with the lawmakers.

The caucus members had also meetings with Bangladesh Permanent Representative to the UN Masud Bin Momen and Bangladesh Consulate General in New York Sadia Faizunnesa.

The diplomats termed the active role of the Parliamentarians’ Caucus on Migration at the HLPF as ‘remarkable’ and expected more participation to be made by them in the international forums.

Officials of the Bangladesh consulate general office informed that they were providing better consular and welfare services to Bangladesh community people in New York.

They, however, informed that Bangladeshi Diaspora in NY were increasingly submitting ‘Power of Attorney’ to the consulate for its attestation because of transferring or selling their properties in Bangladesh in exchange of money.

They fear that the transaction of money might happen through informal channels like Hundi, which should be discouraged by taking necessary steps.

Mahajabeen Khaled, Former MP and member of the Parliamentarian Caucus and Syed Saiful Haque, Chairman of WARBE Development Foundation, were present.

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