Bangladeshis in Malaysia Asked to Follow Amnesty
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Bangladesh High Commission in Kuala Lumpur requested the country’s undocumented workers to take the opportunity of the amnesty declared by the Malaysian government to leave their country between August 1 and December 31 without facing any punishment.

The Bangladesh mission in a press release on Thursday said that the Malaysian home ministry declared the new amnesty program called of his government ‘Back for Good.

Through this program the foreigners who do not have valid travel documents or visa or have overstayed in Malaysia will be able to apply for exit permission to leave Malaysia, it said.

This amnesty program will start from August 1 and be available until December 31.

According to the decision of the Malaysian government, an applicant must carry valid documents, which may also a travel permit and a confirmed air ticket.

 Only at the immigration office, the applicants will have to submit documents for registration and pay a compound of RM 700 inclusive of processing fee each.

Within a working day, the Malaysian authorities will provide them with their exit permit. This permit will remain valid for only 7 days starting from the date of registration.

‘No vendor will be involved in the process. This amnesty programme would be throughout Malaysia except Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan.’

The Malaysian authorities determined quick, hassle-free, direct approach and nominal fee amnesty system for the illegal immigrants. ‘Previously, an illegal immigrant could get exit permit after a process of 17 days and a compound of RM 3100.’

The Bangladesh mission started taking steps in dissemination of information through all official available channels to ensure that Bangladesh citizens would fully be aware of the program.

‘It is hoped that our illegal immigrants in Malaysia will take benefit of his amnesty program.’

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