Madagascar Becomes 29th Country to Ratify ILO Convention 189
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Madagascar has become the 29th country to ratify the ILO Convention 189 on domestic workers' rights, thanks for the good news posted by International Domestic Workers Federation.

The Convention 189 concerning Decent Work for Domestic Workers setting labour standards for domestic workers was adopted during the 100th session of the International Labour Organization and it entered into force on 5 September 2013.

The ILO convention 189 ensures rights to domestic workers as decent work for daily and weekly (at least 24 hours) rest hours and entitles them to minimum wage and to choose the place where they live and spend their leave.

Madagascar, an Island country in Africa, ratified the Convention on June 11 and secured the position after Sweden that became the 28th ratifying nation on April 4 in 2019.

Peru, Granada and Brazil ratified the Convention 189 in 2018.

Guinea and Jamaica ratified it consecutively in 2017 and 2016.

In 2015, Finland, Dominican Republic, Chili, Belgium, Panama and Portugal ratified the convention while in 2014 Costa Rica, Argentina, Columbia, Ireland and Switzerland ratified it.

In 2013, eight countries like South Africa, Guyana, Germany Ecuador, Italy, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Paraguay ratified and in 2012, it was ratified by Uruguay, the Philippines and Mauritius.

International Labour Standards, Madagascar takes a leading role in the “One for All” Centenary ratification campaign by ratifying six ILO Conventions, according to ILO.

Madagascar has been an ILO member State since 1 November 1960 and has ratified all of the fundamental and governance (priority) Conventions.   

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