Bangladesh Calls for Joint Steps of Sending Countries to Protect Migrants at Destinations
Photo: Migration News

Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Imran Ahmad on Tuesday called upon the labour sending countries in South and South East Asia to work together and take joint step to protect their migrant workers’ rights at the countries of destinations.

He made the call while speaking at a high level consultation on Global Governance of Migration, organized by Institute of Informatics and Development, Bangladesh Nari Sramik Kendra, and Migrant Forum Asia with support from PROKAS program of British council at Probashi Kalyan Bhaban.

Speaking as chief guest Imran Ahmad said that the concerted would bolster the negotiations with the recipient countries, especially in the Middle East.

Members of Parliaments from Nepal, Philippines and Bangladesh attended the event and shared country experiences in promoting decent work and fairer labour migration.

Quoting newspaper reports, the EWOE Minister said that domestic workers were abused every day in the destination countries and the abuse should be prevented by the concerted efforts.

He said that the common issues of the domestic workers could be boldly presented at the meeting of Abu Dhabi Dialogue in coming days.

Bangladesh parliamentarian Caucus on Migration and Development member Barrister Shameem Haider Patuary stressed the need for sending skilled workers from Bangladesh to ensure bargaining capacity at the destination countries.

He also stressed the need for sending the migrant workers under bilateral agreement to ensure proper wage and other rights of workers at the workplaces.

Nepalese parliamentarian Deepak Bhatt MP said that his country has recently decided to send workers to Malaysia under G2G system.

Besides, the Nepali workers were being sent to South Korea and Japan under separate manpower deals signed with the countries, he said.

Congressman of the Philippines Hon Aniceto ‘John’ D Bertiz III said that his country has taken various programmes to protect rights of their migrant workers at home and at the destination countries.

The Philippines ratified the important conventions of the International Labour Organizations to help ensure rights of their workers, he said.

Presiding over the meeting, EWOE ministry secretary Rownaq Jahan said that the Philippines and Nepal as sending country made tremendous progress in migration management.

‘We can learn good practices from their experiences,’ she said.  

American Solidarity Center’s senior program officer Dr Lily Gomes and Chief Technical Adviser of ILO Laetitia Weibel Roberts attended the meeting. 

EWOE ministry additional secretary Dr Ahmed Munirus Saleheen made a PowerPoint presentation at the consultation while Foreign Affairs Minitry’ director general Nazrul Islam presented the updated information about implementation of Global Compact on Migration.

Migrant Forum in Asia’ program assistant Alexis Nadine Bautista, BNSK executive director Sumaiya Islam, IID chief executive Sayeed Ahamad, Shirin Sultana Lira from British Council, Topoti Saha from UNWOMEN also spoke at the meeting.

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