GAMD Gets Board of Directors
Photo: Facebook

The first meeting of Global Academy on Migration and Development (GAMD) has been held at a hotel in Java, Indonesia on Saturday (September 14).

The daylong meeting has unanimously formed a six member board of directors of the GAMD, according to a message received from Indonesia.

The newly nominated GAMD directors include Ms. Mai Anonuevo (Philippines), Ms. Freesca Syafitri (Indonesia), Mr. Efrain Jimenez (Mexico-USA), Mr. Bikash Chowdhury Barua (Netherlands), Mr. Jose Galvez (Ecuador-UK) and Ms. Ndidi Njoku (Africa-UK).

The meeting was also attended by Mr. Anwar Makhdonal, Coordinator, Programme Migration and Diaspora and EH/IF Advisor, GIZ Indonesia, Ms. Jana Fiona and Ms. Aileen Constantino-Penas of Athika (Philippines).

All of the GAMD directors are the leading migration specialist practitioners who are playing significant role in the migration and development sectors across the globe.  

The inaugural session of the meeting has elaborately discussed what could be effective role for the GAMD to play at the upcoming conference of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) to be held in Ecuador in November.

According to the message, the GAMD provides expertise to migration and development practitioners across the globe.

It seems to share the existing good practices of the government agencies, civil society and diaspora organisations and the private sectors that harness the development potentials of migration through diaspora engagement and reintegration.

The GAMD is also a pool of practitioners from CSOs, governments, academia and private sector with expertise in implementing and supporting migration development initiatives from policy to action, from national to local levels at both ends (destinations and origin countries).

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