GFMD Expected to Address Human Mobility, Uphold Dignity of Vulnerable People
Photo: Migration News

Member of the Bangladesh’s Parliamentary Caucus on Migration and Development Mahjabeen Khaled expressed her hope that the stakeholders in the 2019 GFMD would identify concrete policy actions to address human mobility in sustainable manner and uphold the safety, dignity and rights of all vulnerable people.

‘With respect to Global Compact for Migration, the GFMD will provide a safe space in which the voices of critical stakeholders can be expressed. With regards to SDGs, this year’s forum will continue to deliver important findings at the interface of migration and development,’ she said

Mahjabeen Khaled, also noted politician and forcer MP, made the remarks while speaking at the national consultation for the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) in the capital city on Tuesday.

She said that people have been migrating throughout the human history to seek better future for themselves and their families.

‘We know that migration is a driver of human progress and development. Among the driving forces behind the large migration and refugee flows we now see around the world,’ she said.

She observed that the nation-state boundary and surveillance has become irrelevant before the regular migration scenario. Depending on the circumstances and routes, people fleeing the same situation may end up in different situation based on the country where they arrive, she said.

Among global nation states, thee governments seek to limit arrivals and associated costs and lead to tighten restrictions on entry and conditions of migrants, she said.

‘All these factors can contribute to situations of prolonged limbo and create an environment in which smuggling and trafficking operations and the risk of exploitation and abuse thrives.’

She said the governments must take the lead in this long but crucial process and they must implement public education and create information programmes. They must take actions.

She said that ‘Migration is driver of economic growth, innovation and sustainable development and it contributes to achieving SDGs-8 on economic growth and 10 on reduced inequalities.’

Migration experts, development partners, lawmakers and senior officials took part in the day long national consultation, organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), WARBE Development Foundation in collaboration with Bangladesh Civil Society for Migration (BCSM).

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