Sumitha Kishna Elected Chairperson of MFA
MFA regional coordinator William Gois with secretariat team and new EC members

Malaysian lawyer and global migration expert Sumitha Shaanthinni Kishna has been elected the chairperson of the Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA).

Sumitha, who represented the Migrant Workers Group (MWG) of Malaysia, was elected the chair of MFA along with five executive committee members in its Annual General Meeting (AGM) recently held in a posh hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

Other member organizations of the new MFA executive committee included RMMRU of Bangladesh, POURAKHI of Nepal, Kanlungan of the Philippines, JCMK of South Korea and SMJ of Japan, said participants.

The Migrant Forum in Asia is a Manila based regional network of non-governmental organisations, associations, trade unions and advocates, working together to promote the protection and rights of migrant workers.

After election, Sumitha also, Director of Our Journey, in a Facebook status said that ‘If MFA is what it is today is largely due to amazingly hardworking MFA Secretariat team held together under the inspiring leadership of William Gois! The untiring energy of the MFA Secretariat is the backbone of the MFA network!’

‘I am honoured to have been given the opportunity to lead the MFA network for the new term. On behalf of the incoming Executive Committee (if I may) thank the Secretariat for the years of hard-work and dedication. We also thank all the members and partners of MFA who have given their time, energy, knowledge and expertise to the network,’ said Sumitha.

She added: ‘We are looking forward to working together with the Secretariat, all our MFA members and partners to take the MFA network to greater heights. We welcome views, feedback, suggestions from the membership and partners on our onward journey.’

‘Let our amazing journey begin!’ said Sumitha.

Meanwhile, Bangladeshi civil society organizations that campaigned for protection of migrant rights congratulated the newly elected MFA chairperson and other EC members.

In conversation with Migration News, the leaders of the organizations expressed their hope that the new committee under leadership of Sumitha would be able to take the MFA network many step ahead.

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