Overseas job drops by 10 pc but remittance rises by 17pc: RMMRU
Photo: Migration News

In 2019, overseas employment dropped by 10 per cent in comparing with the number of workers migrated abroad in the last year.

But inflow of remittance rises by 17 per cent in 2019 comparing with trend of last year mainly due to incentives provided by the government to encourage migrant workers for sending remittances through banking channels.

These issues were revealed in the Labour Migration Trend Report-2019 launched by the Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU).

The overseas jobs shrank to Bangladeshi workers due to closure of Malaysian labour market mainly, said RMMRU founding chair Tasneem Siddiqui while presenting the report at a press conference in the National Press Club on Sunday.

From January to November Bangladesh received remittances of US$ 16.67billion, referring to Bangladesh Bank, the RMMRU report said that ‘if such trend continues, the remittance may reach USD18.19 billion at end of this year.’

Bangladeshi expatriates sent remittance of USD16.67 billion till November this year, out of which 19.87 per cent came from Saudi Arabia, 14.99 per cent came from the UAE and 11.25 percent came from United States of America.

A total of 6,04,060 Bangladeshi workers went abroad from January to November to work in Arab and East Asian countries. About the destination countries, RMMRU said that 89 per cent workers migrated to Arab and Gulf countries while 11 per cent workers migrated to other countries.

Over 7.34 lakh workers migrated abroad in the last year, according to Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training.

RMMRU founding chair Tasneem recommended that the government needs to bring middlemen under legal framework.

Referring to foreign ministry report the RMMRU report said that 9,177 female migrant workers took shelters at Bangladesh embassy’s safe homes in Saudi Arabia  from 2015 to October 2019.

Of them, 8,637 female workers were sent back home.

In first 10 months  this year, at least 1206 female workers were kept in the embassy safe home and of them 93 female workers were sick and 16 workers were pregnant.

RMMRU mentioned, referring to media report, that reviewing 311 dead bodies of female workers mainly brought back home from Middle East from 2016 to July 2019, that 53 women were found committed suicide, 120 women died in stroke and 56 killed in accident.

There was no progress in repatriation of Rohingya from Bangladesh to Myanmar, RMMRU assessed.

It also said that the Indian Citizenship Amendment Bill and National Register of Citizen in Assam State would become a serious concern for Bangladesh in the coming days.

RMMRU suggested that all concerned in Bangladesh should take united move about the country’s stance on the India issues.

RMMRU chair and noted jurist Shahdeen Malik who presided over the press conference said that Bangladesh foreign ministry lacked experts in international refugee laws so that the country was facing serious problems in dealing the issues.

Shahdeen Malik said that once crore Bangladeshi workers were sending back remittance of about USD 16 billion.

He said that Bangladesh has become one of the highest remittances sending country for India and Indian workers were sending about USD 4 billion- USD$ 5 billion from Bangladesh to India.

As Indians were skilled they (not more than 2 lakh workers) were earning more money (USD 5 billion) from Bangladesh, he said

Emphasizing the need for reforming on the education in Bangladesh,  he said that Bangladeshis were not recognized skilled workers abroad due to debacle in the country’s education system. 

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