Bangladeshis in Iraq Advised to Remain Alert

Bangladesh embassy in Baghdad has requested the Bangladeshi migrant workers to remain alert about untoward situations likely to be held in the country.

In a notice issued on Friday, Bangladesh mission also requested Bangladeshis not go out of workplaces or residences unnecessarily.

Bangladeshis in Iraq also asked to void crowds or rally.  

The government has been observing situation in Iraq keeping in consideration the likelihood of evacuating the Bangladeshis living in the country if required, according to officials familiar with the process.

The foreign ministry was in touch with the embassy of Bangladesh in Baghdad on Friday as situation got tensed in Iraq after killing of a top Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani in a US airstrike at Baghdad airport, according to a Bangladesh diplomat in Baghdad.

Bangladesh ambassador in Baghdad Abu Maksud M Forhad informed the foreign ministry that the Bangladeshis were safe so far till Friday afternoon. 

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned of ‘severe revenge’ for the killing, foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif denounced the US attack as a dangerous escalation.

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