GFMD Urged to Identify Culprits Who Are Creating Global Displaced People
Photo: Migration News

Bangladesh government has requested the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) to identify the real culprits who were creating wars and displaced migrant people across the world.

The Bangladesh government also called for holding the criminal states responsible to bear the burden of repatriation and reintegration of those affected migrant people.  

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen who led a high profile Bangladesh delegation to the GFMD made the call while speaking at the Future of the Forum Meeting of the GFMD summit in Quito, Ecuador.

The foreign minister said that one of major reason for displacement or refugees, or migrants was due to violence, conflicts and war across many countries while other reason was the erratic climate change, he said

Referring to a US judgment, he said that ‘maybe this time for GFMD to look into the issues, particularly they should identify who are the actors in creating violence, in creating wars or  supplying weapons of mass destruction or causing global warming that is creating displacement of the climate migrants.’

‘Once we identify, then it is their responsibility to share the burden particularly for repatriation, reintegration of these migrants of displacement.’

Meanwhile in a separate forum of GFMD summit, Bangladesh parliamentarians Caucus on Migration and Development Chairman Israfil Alam MP sought proactive support of the global leaders in sending back the Rohingya people who were displaced people from Myanmar.

He said that Myanmar had forcibly displaced 1.1 million of Rohingyas from their homelands and they  were currently sheltered in Bangladesh, a small country.

‘No a single country can solve the problem, therefore we need proactive supports of the global leaderships in this regard.’

Isafil Alam also urged the GFMD to include parliamentarians as key actors in GFMD process to solve the global migration problems.

Civil Society organizations and senior government officials from Bangladesh were actively taking part in the four-day long GFMD summit that began on January 21

Bangladesh government thanked the current Chair Ecuador for their excellent leadership and a very successful and well organized Conference along with their warm hospitality and also welcomed the United Arab Emirates, an important country in the field of migration would be taking the responsibility of next GFMD.

Foreign Minister said that ‘While we discuss the future course of GFMD, May I say that the responsibility to decide the future of the GFMD lies squarely with us, the participating States.’

He said that ‘We can only get benefit from any undertaking if we believe in it. GFMD gave us two distinct opportunities, first, it is outside of UN’s strict discipline and politics and second, it is the only forum where States can informally interact with civil societies and the private sector on the issue of migration. In future, we want to continue this understanding. We want to see GFMD as a regular annual participatory process.’

He also said that due to unprecedented development of ICT and advent of 4IR technologies, people now need less to displace and migrate as lot of works are now outsources overseas without requiring the physical presence of the overseas workers.

Also, economic conditions have much improved in most of the developing countries and LDCs resulting into much less urgency to migrate.  In spite of these developments, the number of migrants are increasing fast every year.

‘So there must be other factors which are responsible for this increase. One reason for increasing number of migrants or refugees or displaced persons is due to widespread violence, wars and the like. Another reason of displacement of people is due to erratic climate change who may be featured as climate migrants. Another group moves from one place of residents to another for better opportunities and may termed as ‘economic refugees or migrants’.

Momen said that given these scenario, countries or  agencies or groups that are responsible for creating violence and wars or creating global warming resulting in ‘climate migrants’, it is imperative that they should help rehabilitation of these displaced people or migrants.

Over 1,500 delegates including ministers and representatives from 150 countries were attending the 12th GFMD Summit at the Metropolitan Convention Center, in the Bicentennial Park, in Quito.

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