Bangladesh Parliamentarians Meet UN NGO Committee in NY
Photo: Migration News

 A high profile delegation of Bangladesh Parliamentarians’ Caucus on migration and development had a meeting with United Nations NGO committee in New York.

During the meeting Bangladesh delegation stressed on strengthening collaboration of Parliamentarian Caucus with UN NGO’s Committee, identifying the major issues in context of Bangladesh such as- Bilateral agreement, protection of rights of Domestic workers in Middle East.

The meeting held on Monday (January 27) at the Bangladesh Permanent Representative office in New York, hosted by Bangladesh Permanent mission, also stressed on advocacy for consultative relationship with UN and joint consultative process on Global Compact on Migration.

Bangladesh delegation led by parliamentarians’ caucus chair Israfil Alam, MP while Bangladesh Permanent Representative at the UN mission Rabab Fatema made the remarks.

Members of the Bangladesh parliamentarians’ caucus,  senior diplomats, civil society leaders and migration experts  attended the meeting.

The UKAID funded the programme and the British Council’s PROKAS supported the Bangladesh caucus members and the civil society organizations to enable them working on the national, regional and global migration governance, according to a message received from New York.  

Speaking at the meeting, Rabab Fatema acknowledged and thanked the British Council for supporting Caucu and said that migration has been very import area for Bangladesh.

‘I used to work with IOM,’ she said, adding that RMMRU and WARBE were playing very important role in Migration field in Bangladesh.

‘Remittance plays very important part in our economy but there is high migration cost and remittance cost. Our workers continue to face exploitation and abuses in abroad,’ She said.

 Mahjabin Khaled, member of the CAUCUS and former MP said that it was not easy to form the caucus on migration that took two years to convince the speaker and parliamentarian members.

Civil Society leader and WARBE Development Foundation chairman Syed Saiful Haque said that political will should be taken for implementing and managing migration caucus.

‘That is why we have been working on formation of migration caucus, national level discussing at parliament are happening but it is also important to engage parliamentarians at regional and global level,’ he said.

He said that iIn the global level CSO spaces has been shrinking, ‘ World Café, common space, Challenge in next GFMD which will take place in UAE, implementation of GCM and GCM review process for review process. ‘

British Councils’ PROKAS Programme team leader Gerry Fox said that migration CAUCUS in Bangladesh Parliament could be shown big success at the global level and Bangladesh could lead on forming global caucus.

She stressed the need for inclusive governance, partnership with CSOs, business sectors for implementation of GCM.

Participants including Eva Ricter, RMMRU director Marina Sultana, IID chief Syeed   Ahamad, Shirin Lira of British Council’s PROKAS and Syeed Haque of PEACE Foundation also attended.


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