July 2, 2022

At least 37 Bangladeshi undocumented workers including some other nationals were detained by the Malaysian police at its Sarawak province, according to Bernama, Malaysian state-owned news agency.

BERNAMA reports that Sarawak Immigration Department arrested 189 illegal foreign workers in a dawn raid at a construction site in Balingian, Muka on Sunday.

Immigration spokesman Maspaun Bolhasan said the operation mounted between 5am and 8.30am involved 72 officers led by the department s enforcement deputy chief Rosliah Kassim.

In a statement, she said, the team rounded up 376 individuals comprising 158 Indonesians, 127 Chinese, 43 Indians, 37 Bangladeshi, seven Filipinos, a Sri Lankan and three locals.

Upon inspection, 119 of the men and two women (67 Indonesian, 16 Chinese, 16 Indian, 18 Bangladeshis and four Filipinos) were found without valid travel documents, an offence under Section 6(1)(c)Immigration Act, 1959/63 of the country, she added.

She said 41 Indonesians, three Indians and two Filipinos were arrested for overstaying, an offence under Section 15(1)(c) of the same Act while 14 other Indian workers, seven Bangladeshi and the Sri Lankan were arrested for allegedly staying there without any documents.

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