July 2, 2022

The country receives over $15 billion in remittance from Bangladeshi migrants and expatriates in 2015.

According to Bangladesh Bank data, wage earners sends a total of 15.08 billion as remittance from January to December 25 in 2015.

Of the amount, the country receives $1243.25m in January, $1189.60m in February, $1338.31m in March, $1297.49m in April, 1321.77m in May, $1439.34m in June, $1389.56m in July, $1195.02m in August, $1349.06m in September, $1098.46m in October and $1142.49m in November.

As per the central bank data, wage earners send a total of $1083.01m as remittance from December 1 to 25.

But the bank is yet to give the data  of remittance of last five days of December.

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