July 2, 2022

Bangladeshi Expat Runs Amina Fruits & Snacks in USA

Zasim Bhuyan, a Bangladesh born US citizen, has been running Amina Fruits and Snacks, a small and medium enterprise, in the city of San Antonio, Texas of United States of America for over six years.

Hailing from Kishoreganj of Bangladesh, Zasim won Diversity Visa Lottery (DV-1998). He had left for USA under immigration visa program taking his newly married wife with him on 19 April, 1998.

Prior to his departure Zasim, who completed Bachelor of Science (honours) and Masters of Science in Botany from Dhaka University had worked for few years in a multinational pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh with professional reputation.

After arrival to the new destination, he had to do odd jobs in gas stations for immediate survival. But he did not leave his dream to do a better job in the developed nation. He studied three years to become a radiology technologist.

On completion of the specialized medical course, the Bangladesh expat fortunately joined a better job in a hospital in Texas. After two and half years, the fortune did not favour him due to global economic depression as working hours came down significantly. Indomitable Zasim, a father of three children including one son and two daughters, started operating the business at San Antonio.

He is always a hard working and honest man who is contributing to his family in USA as well as to his birth place in Bangladesh at his best.

In February this year, Zasim along with his small family came to Bangladesh and visited Kishoreganj. Before his departure, he had a chat with migrationnewsbd.com at his brother’s house in Dhaka. During a few minutes’ chat, he gave answers of few questions

Migrationnewsbd.com: How did you go to America?

Zasim: I went to America through DV visa in 1998.

Migrationnewsbd.com: What did you do there after your arrival?

Zasim: After arrival in America, I started work in a gas station. I have worked there for five years. I made up of my mind to do a better job. As pre-requisite I studied three years to become a radiology technologist.

After completion of my study, I joined a hospital in Texas. Everything was going well. But at one stage, my working hours came down drastically. Moreover, my working station was a long distance from house.

I was mulling to start a small business. But I had no money. I had a credit card.

I started a small business at Evers Road in Texas in 2009. I rented a space of 1000 square feet.

Migrationnewsbd.com: What small business did you start?

Zasim: It is Amina Fruits and Snacks. I prepare frozen fruit items and supply them. It is a nine ounce frozen fruit. The item is made up of mango, strawberry, pineapple and blueberry.  It is kept in a freezer. I supply to around 100 Gas stations.

Migrationnewsbd.com: How is your business going now?

Zasim: At the primary stage it was difficult as I had to create the market. Now it is going very well. I have appointed around six persons in the business.

Migrationnewsbd.com: What is your next plan?

Zasim: My plan is to carry the current business forward and diversify it.

Migrationnewsbd.com: What about other Bangladeshis in your living area?

Zasim: I belong to a Bangladesh community in San Antonio where a good numbers of Bangladeshi people mostly university professors, engineers and other professional live.

We celebrate different programs marking international mother language day and victory day of Bangladesh. Besides, the community promotes Bangladeshi culture among the juniors organizing cultural programs in the city.

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