July 2, 2022

Chhayanaut Pays Tribute to Nazrul

Chhayanaut paid tribute to the national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam through a programme of music at its Dhanmondi auditorium on Friday.
The programme marked the 39th death anniversary of the legendary poet-cum-musician, which was observed on Thursday.
Artistes of the organisation presented a number of his songs in group and solo performances at the show, which began with a rendition of Dao Shorjo Dao Dhorjo in choral presentation.
The song – with thought-provoking lyrics asking for strength, patience and blessings from the Supreme Being – is a testimony to the depth and beauty of Nazrul’s songs. It strikes a chord with anyone notwithstanding their belief system, because of the sincerity and devotion expressed in the prayers.
The chorus also presented Esechhi Tabo Dware Bhokti-Shunya Pran-e, a devotional number by Kazi Nazrul Islam. A melancholic song, which went like Bedonar Sindhu Manthan Shesh, also touched a chord with the listeners.
The programme also included solo presentations which began with Nasima Shahin Fancy’s rendition of Kobi Sobar Kotha Kohile.
Srabonti Dhar performed Parodeshi Bodhua while Sumon Majumdar rendered Nishi Nijhum Ghum Nahi Asha. Syeda Sanjida Zohra Bithi, on the other hand, presented Bheshe Asha Sudur Smritir Surovi at the programme.
However, the most attractive part of the evening was the soulful performance of Bijan Chandra Misti and Rifat Ara Toma, who entertained the listeners with the popular romantic songs He Priyo Amare Debona Bhulite and Shunya E Buke Pakhi Mor Aay Phire Aay.
Chhayanaut artistes Shukla Pal Shetu, Didarul Karim, Mohit Khan, Avhijit Kundu, and Kaniz Husna Ahammadi also performed at the programme. In total, over two dozen songs were presented, highlighting different themes and emotional dimensions of human life.
The show also included recitations of Nazrul’s poems, including a performance by Kazi Modina who recited.

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