July 2, 2022

Visiting secretary of Expatriates welfare and Overseas Employment ministry Dr Nomita Halder urged the Greek government to recruit skilled workers from Bangladesh under Bilateral Agreement to get mutual benefits.

She made the urges in a meeting with Greek Social Security and Solidarity ministry secretary general Andreas Megaludis in Athens, according to press releases on Saturday.

Nomita Halder said that the Greek authorities could recruit Bangladeshi workers for two year periods instead of six months under the bilateral agreement.

During the meeting, Andreas said that the Greek government has been assisting Bangladeshi workers who were employed in Greece. He said that documented Bangladeshi workers could earn equal wage and get other opportunities like the Greek citizens.

A good number of Bangladeshi workers were currently employed in the agriculture, garments and restaurants of Greece, officials said.

Nomita Halder said that the government of Bangladesh was trying to groom skilled workers for overseas jobs. Workers were given training in different trades including garments, care giving, housekeeping and languages at 70 technical training centers, she mentioned.

The Greek secretary general showed his interest about development of Bangladesh and assured that he would consider recruiting Bangladeshi workers in coming days.

He said that there were huge demands of workers in the Greek tourism, restaurant, garment, agriculture, caregivers, and housekeeping sectors. Nomita said that if Greece recruited Bangladeshi workers Greece would get benefitted and Bangladesh would be also benefitted.

In current system, agricultural sectors recruit seasonal workers for six month period which could not be profitable for Bangladeshis.

Bangladesh Labour counselor in Greece Syeda Farhana Noor Chowdhury, EWOE ministry’s deputy secretaries Zahid Hossain and Arif Ahmed and Wage Earners Welfare Board director Zahirul Islam were present

Earlier, Secretary Nomita Halder exchanged greetings with  Bangladeshi expatriates in Greece at opinion exchange meeting at Bangladesh Embassy in Athens. Bangladesh Ambassador Jasim Uddin presided over the meeting.

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